Please download application below and email to HR@TAGroup.us. This is a very detailed application that MUST be filled out completely and accurately. The more detail you can provide about yourself, your skills and references, the more likely you will be asked in for an interview. TA Group is an equal opportunity employer. If you are unable to provide proof of skills, certifications or references, you may not be considered for a position. We reserve the right to disqualify an applicant if prior or current license violations will render the person unable to operate our vehicles as set forth by our insurance provide.

Please attach your cover letter, resume, application, letter of recommendation, certifications, or other material relating to the position. Doing so does NOT mean that any items on the application should be left out. We keep a database of applicants that we review on a periodic basis. The more complete your information, the more likely you will be considered for a position.

We do NOT accept faxed resumes to our office, nor do we accept solicitation calls. Applications or correspondence from hiring agents will not be accepted.

Email resume to: HR@TAGroup.us

Application for Employment